Pebbledash & paint removals

Pebbledash & paint removal specialists

Exposed brickwork on a Victorian house looks beautiful and allows the original features such as the windows, stone details and paint work to stand out. 

Are you looking for an experienced exterior brick cleaning company to remove either pebbledash, render or paint from your bricks in order to enhance the appearance of your property? 

London Kent brick & stone specialise in removing any type of surface coating that is preventing your bricks from naturally breathing, holding in moisture and causing unwanted damage to the structure. 

moisture retained in bricks is a common problem when covering exterior brickwork and unless approved methods are used which is often not the case and a problem that will often lead to many other damaging factors both internally and externally including penetrating damp, mould and the deterioration and corrosion of the bricks themselves and other surrounding surfaces. 

our skilled brick cleaners guarantee a full removal of all types of exterior covering from all types of exterior stone and brickwork both new and historic to bring your property back to is original deserved condition. 

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Professional restoration

If your pebbledash is restored or removed badly it can not only look terrible, but also decrease the value of your property. Cracked pebbledash may allow water to seep into the mortar underneath and cause expensive damage. Call the experts at London Kent Brick & Stone Cleaning to help you preserve your property and restore it back to its former glory.


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