Brick & Stone Cleaning

Our experienced and highly skilled brick cleaners have been providing the best methods in professional brick and stone cleaning and for over 15 years, we use the most highly recommended sympathetic, efficient and effective brick cleaning techniques available for removing stubborn grime, paint, carbon deposits and algae from traditional brick and stone, preserving the building fabric whilst achieving fantastic aesthetic results. being the Doff intregra steam cleaning system and TORC system for all types of masonry cleaning.

Are you looking for brick cleaners in Hither Green?

London Kent Brick & Stone Cleaning is your answer. We provide brickwork cleaning services to customers across Dartford, Bexley, Sidcup, Welling and Swanley at competitive prices.

Brick cleaning made easy

Is your house in need of s serious brick cleaning? you can only rely on the team at London Kent Brick & Stone cleaning for professional brick cleaning services. Our service will help clear algae, moss, dirt, and grime off your brick walls

Expert restoration service

Once we have cleaned the brickwork using either a chemical wash or by power washing, we provide traditional re-pointing and restoration to bring your property back to the style and appearance of when it was originally built. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Skilled brick cleaners

If a thick layer or dust and grime on your property's walls has spoiled its appearance, then contact London Kent Brick & Stone Cleaning. Our team of brick cleaners can restore your property's beauty. Contact the experts today and see what we can do for you.


Natural stone cleaning experts

Has the color of your building faded with time? The experts at London Kent Brick & Stone Cleaning can help. In order to ensure that your building is in excellent condition, we use quality cleaning agents and will refurbish your building's exterior. 

Complete exterior restorations

Not only do we provide professional stone restoration and cleaning, if the exterior woodwork on your house is also looking the worse for wear, but we can also provide a full service to include fitting and painting new window and door frames. Take a look at some of our completed restoration work and call London Kent Brick & Stone Cleaning today.

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Skilled stonework cleaners

Stone built buildings need the care to preserve them and keep them looking their best. London Kent Brick & Stone Cleaning have years of experience with the cleaning and restoration of stonework, using the correct materials and skills with all stone masonry. If you need experts to repair the exterior of your property or to remove moss or grime, contact us today for a free quote.

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